3 Reasons Why

                                 Dr. Kinghorn, a Marshall University Psychology Professor,  offered three                                               possible explanations to decipher why cyberbullying has become such                                               a problem. First research has proven, that when a person is “hiding behind a                                       screen” they tend to feel more anonymous. This sense of anonymity is elevated on the many sites that allow people to communicate with others who they truly do not know in person or at all (Mason, 2017).


The second explanation given by Dr. Kinghorn was that people who have themselves been bullied in the past, “may feel justified in bullying people with opposing views in retaliation for previous wrongs” (Mason, 2017). A quick skim over any Facebook home page proves that the internet has no shortage of controversy topics for people to debate or attack each other over. The internet has opened the gateways for complete strangers to have dialogue on every topic under the sun with little regulation or personal consequences for comments.


Dr. Kinghorns third and last possible explanation for cyberbullying is that those who bully others have often been bullied themselves. “It is about power and control. You’d think that a bully would not want others to feel the same way they do. That would be rational, but the response to bullying is often not very rational.”  Kinghorn continued to say that It is common for a person who has control over them to “seek to take control over someone else who seems weaker” (Mason, 2017).

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