Cyber Bullying in Pop Culture

Becoming a professional content creator on the internet means opening up oneself to even more criticisms and nasty comments than the average internet user. Content creators across the web find themselves dealing with people that are known to pop culture as “internet trolls”. Troll is an internet slang term to identify people who go out of their way to post triggering, violent, and hateful content.  The content can be original posting or a response to another piece of content uploaded by someone else.


Negative feedback has become so common in the community of the internet that entire web series have been created to show off celebrities reading hate comments directed towards them. One example is a YouTube segment on the channel ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live- Mean Tweets;”. On the show all sorts of people from celebrity personalities like Gal Gadot to political figures, such as President Obama, read off the often violent and vulgar tweets directed towards them (Kimmel & Obama, 2016). Because almost all consistent content creators receive hate, this type of video became a popular trend in the YouTube community.


Even just typing in YouTube’s search bar “Mean Comments” will completely fill the screen with results of Youtubers reading off comments directed at them containing sexism, racism and even suggesting that they should take their own lives. Some YouTube celebrities, such as Kevin Jumba, have even admitted to leaving YouTube for a time, because they felt the negative responses they were receiving in the comments were affecting them too much.

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