Kelsy Simmons


"Stories are a communal currency of humanity."

--Tahir Shah 

My 4 years as a videographer have taken me to hear stories of former ISIS rebels in the Philippines, Hong Kong medical workers on strike during 2020 Corona Virus protests, cultural protectors at the base of the sacred Mauna Kea mountain in Hawaii, and so much more. 


I may not agree with every story I hear but I believe everyone deserves to be heard and understood. The stories we hear and tell expand our world and build us into better human beings. 

Recent Work

Associate producer and editor for the internationally award winning film

Finite Water

Photo Featured in Epoch Times for Hong Kong Corona Virus Update. 

Won the 2018 1st place National Pinnacle Award for Best Viral Video for the

Ke Alaka'i News Center

2020 Medical Strike protests in Hong Kong. (covid-19) 


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