Corona Virus Sparks Healthcare Strike in Hong Kong

Thousands of healthcare workers went on strike Feb 4th demanding full border closer from mainland China. Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, declared on Jan 25th that the government would not be closing down all ports to mainland China calling it “inappropriate and impractical” course of action.

Thousands of Protesters lined the street waiting to file in and out of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority Building. As the protesters passed through the building they signed a to close Hong Kong’s borders against China in an effort to keep the Corona Virus out. (source)

The Chant "the government is incompetent" could be heard throughout the event along with several activist speeches from the front steps.

Organizers passed out signs and petitions to each protester as they approached the building. One woman stands with a Box of white ribbons for people to take and wear in show of their support of the fight against Corona Virus.

The same day also marked the first death in Hong Kong due to the Corona Virus. The 39-year old had visited Wuhan China for two days earlier in January. He also suffered from long-term diabetes. (additional sources)

Schools have been closed since Jan 25 and citizens asked to be extra cautious. However Hong Kong citizens have been unsatisfied with the governments response to the epidemic.

An anonymous source even suggests that the government is going out of it's way to protect its leaders and officials and neglect average citizens.

Due to the high demand for masks and sanitary supplies, lines form at pharmacies hours before stores open. One woman said she waited in line for over 4 hours only to buy 1 pack of 20 disposable masks. This trend continues everyday with stores stocking up and then being immediately emptied.

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